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About Us

Over the past several decades the swimming pool has evolved from a simple fixture in the backyard, into something that has become much more; an integrated component of the greater landscape… a sculptural presence… a centerpiece to social living. Group Works was formed in this revolutionary period.


Our Partners


Group Works is aligned with Genesis to contribute to the watershape evolution and collaborate on projects at a national level.

Luxury Pools

An international registry of pool designers and builders.


The Pool & Hot Tub Alliance positions itself at the leading edge of safety advances within the industry, as well as promoting ethics.


The American Shotcrete Association promotes the safe and proper way in which to apply shotcrete – the foundation of all our watershapes.

Our People

Jamie Scott Principal

Jamie is a 3rd generation watershape and landform designer. He is a member of the Society of Watershape Designers and winner of the 2009 Outstanding Pool and Recreational Shotcrete Project award. Jamie thinks and dreams of color, shape and form.

Carole Mills Principal

Carole is trained in interior design as well as fine arts, and has many years experience in customer service. Carole has been involved in the watershape industry for almost 20 years.